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  • Is Your Business Contact Info Current?

    Have you changed contact information? Whenever an employer user’s contact information changes, it’s important to update the ASRS secure employer user account!

  • Help Educate Your Employees!

    Did you know the ASRS offers educational meetings for you employees at your own location? If you have 20 or more employees who want to attend an Informational Session, Route 3, or Route 4 meeting, ASRS will present at your location. But, our availability to come to you fills quickly - currently we’re booking meetings for after January 2nd!

  • What are "Basics for Employers" Meetings?

    You may have seen our recent emails advertising our ASRS Basics for Employers meetings, but do you know what information is covered and who they’re for?

    The ASRS Basics for Employers training is an overview of employer responsibilities regarding the Arizona State Retirement System.  This training is geared toward employer Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, and Administration personnel and designed for staff who want an update on ASRS functions and employer responsibilities with regard to ASRS processes.  

  • A Review of the 2019 Employer Conference

    A look back at how many employers attended the 2019 ASRS Employer Conference sessions, and which topics were covered. 

  • A New State Social Security Administrator!

    Arizona has a new State Social Security Administrator!

    In 2018, legislation passed that allowed the Governor to designate a state agency to serve as the Social Security Administrator.  Prior to that legislative change, the ASRS had been designated and served as the Social Security Administrator.

  • Employer Conference: Did You Know...

    Did you know...

    … that state law requires your employer to send a representative to attend the ASRS Employer Conference every year?

    … that while some Employer Conference topics are perpetual, the content is only new information?

    … that it only takes 90 minutes of your time to attend an Employer Conference?

    … that the Employer Conference is held throughout the state and in webinar form?

  • 2019 ASRS Legislation Relevant to Employers

    The Arizona Legislature adjourned its regular session on May 28, 2019.  Several bills passed which affect the ASRS and its employers and members.  The general effective date for these bills is August 27, 2019.  

  • Contribution Rates for FY 2020

    As we approach the new fiscal year, we prepare for new contribution rates which will take effect July 1, 2019.  The contribution rates will increase slightly from 11.80% to 12.11%, which includes the pension and health insurance benefit (11.94%) and long term disability (0.17%).  The alternate contribution rate paid by employers for return-to-work retirees will decrease to 10.41%.

    The ASRS will send an email to employers in the coming weeks with details about proper reporting procedures for transitioning to the new fiscal year.

  • Reminder: Delete Obsolete Forms!

    For the past year the ASRS has included information in the Employer Update regarding new online functionality for processes that were formerly dependent upon paper processes.  Since the release of the new functionality on August 29, 2018, the paper forms for those processes have been obsolete.  While the ASRS may have accepted some paper documents during the transition immediately surrounding the release, the ASRS no longer accepts any of these.

  • Employees Retiring Soon? Direct Them To These Online Resources

    As your employees get closer to retirement, do they ask you for guidance about the ASRS?  We have great news for you—help is available and it’s at their fingertips!  A common misperception members report to us is that they believe they are required to call the ASRS or visit an ASRS office in order to file a retirement application.


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