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  • Contribution Rates for FY 2020

    As we approach the new fiscal year, we prepare for new contribution rates which will take effect July 1, 2019.  The contribution rates will increase slightly from 11.80% to 12.11%, which includes the pension and health insurance benefit (11.94%) and long term disability (0.17%).  The alternate contribution rate paid by employers for return-to-work retirees will decrease to 10.41%.

    The ASRS will send an email to employers in the coming weeks with details about proper reporting procedures for transitioning to the new fiscal year.

  • Reminder: Delete Obsolete Forms!

    For the past year the ASRS has included information in the Employer Update regarding new online functionality for processes that were formerly dependent upon paper processes.  Since the release of the new functionality on August 29, 2018, the paper forms for those processes have been obsolete.  While the ASRS may have accepted some paper documents during the transition immediately surrounding the release, the ASRS no longer accepts any of these.

  • Employees Retiring Soon? Direct Them To These Online Resources

    As your employees get closer to retirement, do they ask you for guidance about the ASRS?  We have great news for you—help is available and it’s at their fingertips!  A common misperception members report to us is that they believe they are required to call the ASRS or visit an ASRS office in order to file a retirement application.

  • Online Application Reminder Messages

    Do you process Online Enrollments, Ending Payroll Verifications (EPV), or Retiree Return To Work (RTW) smart forms?  If so, you may be familiar with the Secure Messages the ASRS generates when there are pending requests for those applications.  Though the reminder messages can be helpful, they can also feel like clutter for your inbox.  Here’s how you can keep those reminder messages to a minimum.

    Online Enrollment

  • Legislative Session Update

    The Arizona Legislature has passed the 100th day of its 2019 regular session, but is not ready to adjourn sine die.  The ASRS is watching a number of bills which would affect the ASRS and its employers and members.  For the most up to date information, be sure to visit the ASRS Bill Tracker on the Legislation page for more details.

  • ASRS Savings Plan for Your Employees

    Did you know that the Arizona State Retirement System offers a very low-cost and professionally-managed voluntary 457(b) defined contribution plan to its employer partners?

    Join us for a short Webinar to learn more!

    This plan – referred to as the Supplemental Salary Deferral Program – or SSDP – is available to our employers, so that you can offer your employees an additional opportunity to save pre-tax earnings for an even better financial future. 

  • Let the ASRS Come To You: Education For Your Employees

    Did you know the ASRS provides two informal educational opportunities that you can facilitate for your employees?  Informational Sessions and ASRS participation in your Benefit Fairs are effective ways for ASRS members to learn about their benefits without having to commit to attending a long meeting.

  • Getting Ready To Process Termination Pay?

    As we enter peak season for new retirements, the ASRS wants to emphasize the importance of following the correct processing of termination pay for employees who have an agreement to use termination pay toward their service purchase.

    If a member has made an irrevocable election to use termination pay, the IRS requires the employer to send the termination pay directly to the ASRS, pre-tax. Termination pay is due upon the member’s termination of employment whether the member is retiring or not.

  • Legislative Session Update: What's New?

    It’s that time of year – winter is fading into spring and the Arizona Legislature is in session!  The ASRS has identified a number of bills that have been introduced in the current session which, if passed into law, will enact legislative changes that affect the ASRS, members, and employers.  This information is subject to change as the session progresses, so we recommend visiting the ASRS Bill Tracker and Legislation page for more details and the most current information. 

  • Make Sure Your Retiring Employees are Prepared!

    Do You Have Employees Retiring This Summer? Schedule a Meeting Now.  We offer a number of different group Member Education meetings to help explain various facets of retirement and the process of retiring for your employees - at your location!


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