New Employee Information

Your Role in Registering New Employees

When you hire new employees who are eligible for ASRS membership it is the employer’s responsibility to assist them with the ASRS online registration process. New employees must complete the online registration process to ensure proper enrollment in the ASRS. The online registration process also allows new employees access to their ASRS account online, where they can register beneficiaries and ensure their personal information, such as name, address, phone and email are up-to-date. This process also allows you, as the employer, to verify their eligibility for ASRS membership.

The online registration process is quick, easy and intuitive.  To get started, simply give new employees your enrollment code and direct them to the ASRS homepage – www.azasrs.gov – and to the Online Registration page. 

Or, you can just send them to our New Members page.

New Member Information 

New Member GuidePlease provide a printed or digital copy of our New Member Guide to your new employees. This helps them get properly enrolled into their myASRS accounts, gives them a foundational understanding of who the ASRS is, and explains the primary benefits of their membership. This 8-page guide replaces our previous set of handouts for new employees - if you have printed or saved copies of the previous handouts, please discard and replace them with our New Member Guide.

Important: Before providing to new members, please fill out the "employer name" and "enrollment code" fields on page 1.

   New Member Guide

Log In

Once the new employee has completed their portion of the online registration process, employers must verify their eligibility. To do this, employer representatives must log in to the secure employer section of the website.

Our Online Enrollment User Guide will assist you.  

Secure Employer Login

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do new employees who are existing ASRS members have to complete this process?

A: Yes. Be sure to have all new employees complete this process even if they have worked for another ASRS employer, and previously registered for account access on the ASRS website.  It is important for all new employees that you verify their eligibility for ASRS membership.

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