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Welcome to the ASRS Media Page

If you are a media contact and wish to speak with our Public Information Officer or have a public records request, click the gray "Media Spokesperson" button.

If you are a member looking for any of our videos or eLearning, refer to the "Digital Media for ASRS Members" section below.

If you are an employer looking for training modules for you or your staff, refer to the "Tutorials for ASRS Employers" section below. 

Media Spokesperson

Digital Media for ASRS Members

The ASRS offers more than a dozen recorded videos and eLearning on a variety of topics. We have interspersed them where applicable throughout the site, but to go directly to either section, click the appropriate button below:

Member Videos eLearning

Tutorials for ASRS Employers

The ASRS also offers several tutorials for our employer partners. Click the blue button to get started:

Employer Tutorials

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