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  • ASRS honored with Performance Excellence Awards

    The Arizona State Retirement System recently received two awards from the Southwest Alliance for Excellence for two online projects designed to assist members. The Southwest Alliance for Excellence, formerly the Arizona Quality Alliance, recognizes organizations for excellence in quality, performance and outcomes through a program modeled after the Malcom Baldridge Award.
  • Thank You for a Successful 2014 Employer Conference!

    The ASRS Employer Relations staff recently completed the annual Employer Conference, holding a total of 28 meetings. The Phoenix and Tucson ASRS offices hosted 11, and 17 were conducted at employer sites throughout the state. We saw many familiar faces as well as new ones. A total of 992 employer representatives attended, representing 480 ASRS employers.
  • Member Registration / Online Enrollment

    New employees who meet 20/20 must register on the ASRS website, even if they have done so with a prior employer. For convenience, provide the New Employee Online Instructions to your new employees, which is found on the Manage Enrollments page – it contains the Enrollment Code.
  • New! Online LTD Program Contact Maintenance

    On January 9, 2015, the secure employer portion of the ASRS website will have a new page for maintaining employer contacts...
  • Ending Payroll Verification FAQs

    The Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) is an online employer application used for multiple purposes, such as verifying termination and final pay, and providing information about contributions received. The three occasions when an EPV is required are when an employee applies for a refund, retirement, or a beneficiary applies for survivor benefits for a deceased member. The ASRS cannot begin processing benefits payments until required EPVs have been submitted by the employer(s).
  • Return to Work Form Update

    Thank you for all of your assistance with the successful implementation of the online Retiree Return to Work Smart Form. This online process began in June of this year and in recent months we have seen over 80% of the return to work forms submitted online.
  • Contribution Rates & ACR

    Contribution rates and the alternate contribution rate (ACR) will decrease slightly for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2015.
  • Reports Management Page / Health Insurance Premium Benefit Reports

    On January 9th, 2015, there will be a new page for accessing reports on the secure employer website. Initially, this page will only be used for downloading the Health Insurance Premium Benefit reports. These reports have historically been mailed to approximately 250 ASRS employers who have eligible ASRS retirees receiving health insurance premium benefit payments. Read more about health insurance premium benefits in Chapter 9 of the ASRS Employer Manual, which is downloadable from the Employer Reference Materials page on the ASRS website.
  • Contributions Received After Retirement

    When ASRS retirees return to work and do not suspend their retirement, their employer must pay contributions at an alternate contribution rate (ACR) on their behalf. ACR is required regardless of the hours worked (whether meeting 20/20 criteria or less than 20/20 criteria), and regardless of the capacity (direct employee, leased employee, independent contractor).
  • Ending Payroll Verification for New Retirees

    Employers are essential in the pension calculation process. The Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) is required from every ASRS employer through which a new retiree has contributed within the past three years – without it, the ASRS cannot begin to process the pension.


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