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  • Are You Fully Enrolled with the ASRS?

    July 20, 2022

    Even if you've been a contributing member for years, it's good to check just in case.

  • "Can I Control How My Contributions Are Invested?"

    July 13, 2022
    We receive plenty of questions pertaining to ASRS contributions. Most of these questions center on members' desires to manage how their contributions are invested or wanting to contribute a different amount – whether less or more.
  • New Fiscal Year and Contribution Rates

    June 15, 2022

    On July 1, the ASRS will begin a new fiscal year – FY 2022-23. For members, this is always when your new contribution rates will go into effect. Starting July 1, 2022, the new total contribution rate (which includes pension benefits, health insurance benefits, and long term disability benefits) will be 12.17%, adjusted down slightly from the FY 2021-22 rate of 12.41%.

    Understanding Your Contribution Rate

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