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  • The Other Half: Your Employer's Role in the ASRS

    April 18, 2024

    While member contributions go a long way to funding all the benefits the ASRS provides, none of what we provide to members would be possible without contributions from our employer partners: ASRS employers contribute the same percentage as ASRS members for each member they employ!

    Contributions from both you and your employer are then pooled together, invested, grown, and used to fund benefits such as a lifetime pension when you retire, Long Term Disability, and more.

  • Understanding Your Future Benefit

    April 10, 2024

    While the ASRS offers a variety of benefits for members, our primary focus is providing members with a lifetime retirement benefit. Once you're able to retire, you'll need to choose how you'd like to receive your benefit. Your retirement annuity options fall into three distinct categories, each helping to accomplish slightly different retirement goals:

  • Nearing the Retirement Finish Line?

    March 18, 2024

    A look at "Route 4: Next Exit Retirement" - the final session of our four-part educational series, geared towards members thinking of retiring within 6 months. 

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