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  • The Importance of Being Enrolled in the ASRS

    Are your employees all enrolled with the ASRS? Proper enrollment and registration can help secure accounts and allow access to many member benefits.

  • Rule Changes Coming for 'Contributions Not Withheld' Claims

    Stay in the loop on upcoming rule changes regarding employers!

  • ASRS Retiree Health Care Information

    The ASRS recently completed another very successful Open Enrollment period for ASRS Retiree Health Insurance coverage. Do you have any employees or retirees with questions?

  • Contribution Rates, ACR Remain Stable For Next Fiscal Year

    After the close of each fiscal year, the ASRS conducts a valuation of the various benefit plans that it manages to ensure they are fiscally sound. Click to read about the rates for fiscal year 2017.

  • About the ASRS LTD Vendor Transition

    Effective September 1, Broadspire Services Inc., replaces Sedgwick as administrator of the ASRS Long Term Disability (LTD) Program. What does this mean for ASRS employers?

  • New Proposed Rule for Hiring a Retiree

    The ASRS is currently undergoing the rulemaking process to require retirees who return to work for an ASRS employer, under specific criteria, to submit a “Working After Retirement” form to their employer. Read on for full details… 

  • Service Purchase Payroll Deduction Agreements

    The Service Purchase Program allows some members to purchase past service time, which may increase a lifetime monthly benefit or qualify some for an earlier retirement date. Here are some quick reminders about Payroll Deduction Agreements…

  • FAQs for Employers: Enrollments & Demographics

    Does updating employee’s demographic records in our system, automatically update the same info with the ASRS? Can a newly enrolled employee update their ASRS beneficiary before they have made a contribution? These questions and more answered… 

  • The 411 on Secure Employer Administrators

    Data security and privacy are of utmost importance to the ASRS and Secure Employer Website Administrators are on the front-lines of that effort! Learn more about this important employer role… 

  • Watch for Autofill!

    Autofill, a common feature on most popular web browsers, can lead to incorrect information being associated with their accounts.  How can you help keep your employees personal info safe?


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