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  • High-Earning Employees & the ASRS: 415 Limits and Excess Benefits

    Did you know there are contribution and pension benefit limits for employees making over a certain amount? Referred to as “415 Limits” based on the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 415, this can be a set of not-well-known, not-often-used rules for employers and their high-earning employees. But for those they apply to, 415 limits have a big impact. Below is an explanation of what 415 limits are, how the excess benefit is administered.

  • 2021 Employer Conference Starts Today!

    Our 2021 Employer Conference is here! To ensure the safety of all our attendees and staff, this year’s conference sessions will once again be held entirely online.

  • Education for New and Retiring Employees

    One of the first things all new members should do is enroll in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Once the member is enrolled and registered, they will have full access to their account, where they can easily track their retirement progress and keep their account updated.

  • Hiring ASRS Retirees

    When an ASRS retiree returns to work for an ASRS employer and meets active membership criteria, active contributions must begin, and the member’s pension is suspended. At that point, the member will not receive a pension benefit until they either terminate employment or reduce their hours (as outlined below) and re-retires. 

  • The Status of In-Person Meetings

    As the number of vaccinated Americans grows, the Arizona State Retirement System continues to evaluate the possibility of resuming our in-person presentations for both our employer partners and members. The most recent decision: to continue holding our meetings in a virtual environment. 

  • Familiar with Ending Payroll Verification Requests?

    Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) requests are sent by the ASRS to employers when we need to verify the termination of and final payrolls for past or present employees. Accessed via your secure employer myASRS account, there are several situations in which we’ll request an EPV: Retiring employees, prior employees who are now withdrawing their ASRS contributions, or the need to process survivor benefits for a member who has passed away.

  • When Are You 'Vested' in the ASRS?

    Vesting is a term used often when discussing a retirement account. However, the ASRS benefit programs do not have a “vesting” schedule. Members must meet certain requirements before being eligible to receive: retirement benefits, health insurance, premium benefit subsidy, long term disability, or participate in the ASRS service purchase program.


    When one of your employees asks about “vesting” with the ASRS, often these members may be referring to the percentage of employer funds they might receive if they decide to refund their account.

  • Basics Handbook for Employers

    The ASRS Basics for Employers Handbook is an overview of employer responsibilities regarding the Arizona State Retirement System. This handbook is geared toward employer Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, and Administration personnel and designed for staff who want an update on ASRS functions and employer responsibilities concerning ASRS processes.  

  • Employer Reference Materials

    Did you know there is a page on the ASRS website filled with resources to assist you in working with the ASRS? The page can be found in the employer section of the ASRS website and is loaded with informational guides, past Employer Update newsletters, and so much more! 

  • New Members of Your Employer Support Team

    The ASRS Employer Relations department recently has had two of our long-tenured team members retire! While we wish them a long and happy retirement, this means that some new faces will be joining the team!


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