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Below, you will find an overview and comparison of the dental plans we offer. To learn more, we encourage you to read our 2024 Open Enrollment guide, visit the websites for Delta Dental and Cigna Dental, or watch our educational videos on our Retiree Video page. 

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Plans Available:

    • Delta Dental High Plan Option
    • Delta Dental Low Plan Option

Our dental PPO plans let you visit any licensed dentist, but you will save the most money if you see an in-network dentist. Services received from an out-of-network dentist may incur higher out-of-pocket costs. With more than 3,700 network dentists in Arizona and 154,000 network dentists nationwide, it's easy to find the right dentist for your family!

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Plan Available:

    • Cigna DHMO

Cigna's Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plan on the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus Network offers you no deductibles or dollar limits and its care that is easy to use at a wallet-friendly price. You choose a network general dentist to manage your overall care, pay a fixedb portion of the cost per visit, and your plan picks up the rest. Remember, you won't be covered if you go to a dentist who is not in our network. Detailed procedure costs are outlined on your Patient Charge Schedule (PCS) which makes your coverage simple, straightforward forward, and transparent! (Plan not available in AK, ME, MT, NH, NM, ND, PR, SD, VI, VT, and WY.)

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Need Help Choosing an ASRS Dental Plan?

Delta Dental High Plan OptionDelta Dental Low Plan OptionCigna DHMO
Monthly Premium (Single Rate)$37.54$17.43$9.75
Network of DentistsSelect any dentist, but you will save the most staying in-networkSelect any dentist, but you will save the most staying in-networkSelect from dentists within the DHMO network
Preventive Services
(Routine cleanings, exams and bitewing X-rays)
100% Covered100% Covered100% covered after $5 per-visit fee
Basic Services
(Fillings, Periodontal Maintenance, Simple Extractions)
80% covered after deductible subject to annual maximum80% covered after deductible subject to annual maximumNo deductible before coverage begins

Set copays for covered services, outlined in the Patient Charge Schedule (PCS)
Major Services
(Implants, Bridges and Dentures, Crowns, Root Canals)
25% or 50% covered after deductible subject to annual maximum No major services covered

Additional Plan Details

Delta Dental High Plan OptionDelta Dental Low Plan OptionCigna DHMO
Individual/Family Deductible$50/$150$50/$150No Deductible
Annual Maximum$2,000 per individual$1,000 per individualNo Annual Maximum
Preventive ServicesCovered at 100%Covered at 100%Covered at 100%a, b
Plan PaysRetiree Pays
Office Visit FeeNot ApplicableNot Applicable$5 a
Fillings80% *80% *$22 b
Periodontal Cleanings80% *80% *$115 Scaling/Root planningb
$78 Maintenanceb
Emergency Treatment80% *80% *$48 b
Implants25%/50% *Not CoveredNot Covered
Dentures25%/50% *Not Covered$770 bc
Crowns25%/50% *Not Covered$470 bc
Endodontics (Root Canal)25%/50% *Not Covered$530 b
OrthodontiaNot CoveredNot Covered$515 b

* Deductible applies to these services.
†  These services will be covered at 25% in year one and 50% in year two and beyond.
a) Patient is responsible for a per patient per office visit fee of $5 in addition to any other applicable patient charges.
b) Please refer to your Patient Charge Schedule (PCS) for full details, prices listed may not be comprehensive of treatment.
c) The co-payments for fixed and removable restorations (crowns, bridges, implant/abutment supported prosthetics, complete and partial dentures) do not include additional charges for material upgrades (such as gold/high noble metal or porcelain used in molar restorations), CAD/CAM services, complex rehabilitation or characterizations (for dentures). Any additional allowable charge for these upgrades is the patients' responsibility as specifically outlined in your Patient Charge Schedule (PCS). For questions regarding these charges, you may contact Customer Service at 800.Cigna24 (800.244.6224).

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