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Resolved: Secure Site Error Message

It came to our attention that, due to a technical issue, some members received an error message when submitting documents in their secure myASRS accounts for a short time between 11/18 - 11/20. Please know this issue has been resolved. For anyone who experienced issues, we encourage you to log into your account and resubmit your documents.

For retirees enrolling in health insurance, our Open Enrollment Period remains open, with the last day being Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Looking Back: an Employer Conference Recap

From September through the first week of October, the Employer Relations Team hosted eight virtual Employer Conferences. This year’s conference was designed much differently from previous virtual conferences in answer to feedback from the 2021 conferences. 

Avoid Unfunded Liabilities!

As we close out calendar year 2022, the ASRS wants to remind you about the importance of reporting contributions accurately and in a timely manner. The purpose of this reminder is to help our employers avoid late fees and, in some cases, the potentially expensive result of creating an unfunded liability.

Employer Admin Responsibilities

If you are the designated Employer Web Administrator for your organization, there are several responsibilities that you should be aware of.

Employee Enrollment Reminders

One of the first things all employers should do to assist their employees is to ensure that they are enrolled in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Online enrollment allows employers to review and verify three important pieces of demographic data, confirm the member’s employment, and verify that they are eligible for ASRS membership. 

Awards for Financial Reporting, Funding and Administration

ASRS recognized for Financial Reporting and Plan Funding & Administration

The Arizona State Retirement System recently received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

Retiring Before 65?

If you’re early in your career, you may think “retiree health insurance” isn’t a topic you should be terribly concerned about at the moment, but you might be surprised! If you plan on retiring before 65, when most are eligible for Medicare, then health insurance costs could be something you want to start thinking about now. 

Contributions: Pre- or Post-Tax?

Your ASRS contribution rate actually consists of two main parts: the “Pension and Health Insurance Benefit” rate, which is a pre-tax deduction from your paycheck, and the “Long Term Disability Income Plan” rate, which is a post-tax deduction. If you look at your paystub, the pre-tax deduction is listed as “ASRSRET” while the post-tax deduction is labeled “ASRS LTD.” 

Information for New Members

What can you do when you’ve hired new employees, and they have questions about ASRS and all that is involved with being a member? Provide a printed or digital copy of our New Member Guide! You can find the New Member Guide on the New Employee Information page, located in the Employers tab.

Guidance for Assisting Members

As an employer who interfaces with the ASRS and members, it’s important to understand which processes are your responsibility and when you should point people to us for further assistance. To help clarify, here is an overview of some of the most important employer responsibilities. 


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