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New Information on ASRS supplemental savings plans

Supplemental savings plans offered through the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) can be a helpful way for employees to invest tax-deferred money today to bolster their retirement income down the road.

To enhance access to these plans, simplify administration, ensure continued professional oversight and low administrative and investment costs, the Arizona legislature passed and Governor Ducey signed into law Senate Bill 1348 this past legislative session. This new law has two parts to it as follows:

Retiring Young

Things to think about if you're able to retire at an early age.

High-Earning Employees & the ASRS: 415 Limits and Excess Benefits

Did you know there are contribution and pension benefit limits for employees making over a certain amount? Referred to as “415 Limits” based on the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 415, this can be a set of not-well-known, not-often-used rules for employers and their high-earning employees. But for those they apply to, 415 limits have a big impact. Below is an explanation of what 415 limits are, how the excess benefit is administered.

2021 Employer Conference Starts Today!

Our 2021 Employer Conference is here! To ensure the safety of all our attendees and staff, this year’s conference sessions will once again be held entirely online.

Education for New and Retiring Employees

One of the first things all new members should do is enroll in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Once the member is enrolled and registered, they will have full access to their account, where they can easily track their retirement progress and keep their account updated.

Hiring ASRS Retirees

When an ASRS retiree returns to work for an ASRS employer and meets active membership criteria, active contributions must begin, and the member’s pension is suspended. At that point, the member will not receive a pension benefit until they either terminate employment or reduce their hours (as outlined below) and re-retires. 

Change Employers, Keep your ASRS Membership

A new job with another ASRS employer doesn't mean starting over with your pension.

Getting the Most From Your MyASRS Secure Account

Your secure myASRS account is an important tool both before and after retirement. After you retire, it’s important to stay active in your account; here is a brief overview of all the capabilities you have within your myASRS account as a retiree.

The Retirement System Equation

A formula that is very important at the ASRS, but one that most of us would not learn about outside of retirement fund management: 

C + I = B + E

Contributions plus Income equals Benefits plus Expenses. This is the essence of how your retirement system is funded! A description of these four factors:

A Service Purchase Overview: Types & Price

The ASRS Service Purchase Program is a benefit that allows active members with previous qualifying service to purchase past service time. There are 5 types of qualifying service, with the most common being the purchase of Forfeited Service or the purchase of Other Public Service. While it can be costly, it can also be beneficial - potentially increasing your lifetime benefit and/or allow you to retire earlier than you planned.


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