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The ASRS offers recorded videos on a variety of topics. They are interspersed throughout our website where the content most applies. If you're curious, you can see them all right here.

Click any video to begin playing it. To view a video in full-screen mode, use the icon in the lower right corner of the video screen. To return to normal viewing mode, click the icon again.

Check back often as we regularly update our content offerings!

NOTE: All our videos are produced in-house by ASRS employees, using ASRS resources.

General Videos

Route 3: Destination in Sight

Pre-recorded version of the meeting for members within three years of retirement.

Route 4: Next Exit Retirement

Pre-recorded version of the meeting for members within six months of retirement.

Unlocking Your Secure Account

Locked out of myASRS? Now you can reset your access anytime!

Your ASRS Benefits Explained

You see the deduction but what is it for? Your benefits are many - learn more!

Member Secure Messaging

Communicate securely & quickly with the ASRS Member Advisory Center.

ASRS 457 Deferred Compensation Plans

Answers to questions you may have about how the 457 plans work

New Member -
ASRS Service Center

New to ASRS membership? Let's get you off to a good start!

Mid-Career -
ASRS Service Center

It’s time for a check-up to see if you’re on the right track!

Nearing Retirement -
ASRS Service Center

Retirement’s on the horizon – let’s make a pit stop to make sure you’re prepared!

Your ASRS Defined Benefit Plan Explained

Confused about the difference between a BD Plan and a DC Plan? This video will help!

Calculating Your ASRS Contribution

Learn how to calculate your contributions.

How Contribution Rates are Determined

See how your contribution rates are determined and when you'll learn about the new rate each year.

What does “Vesting” mean with the ASRS

Find out when you are vested with the ASRS.

Retire Online

Retiring online is easy! An ASRS retiree shows you how.

Leaving the ASRS

Before you refund your account, here are some important things to consider!

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Top Call Center Questions Answered

Do I Have to Contribute to the ASRS?

Contribution Rate Information

Can I Take A Loan From Or Refund My Account?

Refund and Loan Options

When Will I Be Vested With The ASRS?

Learn more about ASRS Vesting

When Am I Eligible to Retire?

Normal Retirement and Early Retirement Criteria

What Will My Monthly Benefit Payment Be When I Retire?

Finding your Benefit Payment in myASRS

What is myASRS?

Navigate your Secure Account

How Do I Update My Personal Information?

Updating personal information in your myASRS Secure Account

How Do I Update My ASRS Beneficiary Information?

Updating beneficiary information in your myASRS Secure Account

How Do I Update my Login ID and Password in myASRS Secure Account?

How to update your login information

How Do I Report An ASRS Member's Death?

And the Survivor Benefits Process

Is there a mandatory retirement age at ASRS?

Required Minimum Distribution Information

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Retiree Stories

Shelley and Steve

Retirement Adventure Part 1

Shelley and Steve

Retirement Adventure Part 2


Retirement Story Part 1


Retirement Story Part 2


Retirement Story Part 1


Retirement Story Part 2


Retirement Story Part 1


Retirement Story Part 2


Retirement Story Part 1


Retirement Story Part 2

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