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  • Correcting Social Security Numbers


    In an effort to ensure all member’s accounts are correct, it is imperative that all data provided to the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) is correct. If an incorrect Social Security Number (SSN) was reported to the ASRS, the member ends up with two ASRS accounts - one account with correct SSN and one account with the incorrect SSN. The employer is responsible for advising the ASRS of errors. This will allow the ASRS to merge the member’s accounts under one SSN.

  • Employer Conference

    While our 2020 Employer Conference is right around the corner, this year will look a bit different! To ensure the safety of all our attendees and staff, this year’s conference sessions will be held entirely online.

  • Employee Vacancies to Fill?

    Are you an employer who has vacancies to fill?

    While the answer could be to hire retired ASRS members, do not forget that an Alternate Contribution Rate (ACR) is required should you choose to do so.

    All ASRS employers are required to pay an ACR for all retired ASRS members who return to work in any capacity, are not actively contributing, and in any position that is similar in duties and responsibilities to that of a position ordinarily filled by an employee.

  • What is ASRS Membership?

    ASRS Membership is determined by Arizona Revised Statute A.R.S § 38-711(23)(b). You may have heard or seen it referred to as the: “20/20 criteria”
    – Member: “Means all employees of an employer who are eligible for membership pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-727 and who are engaged to work at least twenty weeks in each fiscal year and at least twenty hours each week”

  • User Access to the ASRS Employer Website

    To maintain the security of the ASRS Employer website, be sure to deactivate account access when a user leaves employment or no longer needs access. Also, do not share or transfer login IDs and passwords between users.

  • Reminder: New Health Insurance Forms!

    The ASRS has recently released a new form to help streamline the reporting of your Health Insurance Plans. The new Annual Employer Provided Health Insurance Plans and Premiums Report and the Employer Health Insurance Plan/Premium Breakdown Table forms are your one-stop shop to provide the ASRS with your updated annual Health Insurance Plans and Premiums for the following benefit year. 

  • Direct Deposit for Employers

    In January 2019, The Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) modified its payment process. 

    The ASRS switched to Bank of America for payment processing, which gives the employers the ability to receive Health Insurance Premium Benefit payment via direct deposit to their account.

  • Clarification on the CARES Act and the ASRS

    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) has seen a slight increase in members asking, “Can I refund or get a loan from my account?”

  • A Review of Earning Service Credit

    Periodically, the ASRS receives questions from employers on how employees earn service credit. Here's a reminder!

  • New Instructional Videos for Employers

    The ASRS Basics for Employers meeting is now available online as a six-part series. The online format will not only enable employer staff to get the same information provided in our in-person ASRS Basics for Employers sessions but will also provide a convenient format that employer users can take advantage of from their computer or laptop.


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