General Information

The Arizona Department of Administration State Procurement Office establishes, awards and maintains statewide contracts for state agencies and political subdivisions throughout the State of Arizona, including the Arizona State Retirement System.

 Visit State Procurement Office for information.

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Open Solicitations

ASRS Group Medical and Pharmacy Benefits Management Services 

The ASRS intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) Solicitation Code BPM002153 for ASRS Group Medical and Pharmacy Benefits Management Services.  A copy of the RFP will be available on the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) at http://app.az.gov

Commodity Code
84131602 – Health or Hospitalization Insurance

Completed Solicitations

The ASRS has completed the evaluation of the Solicitation No. BPM BPM001922 for ASRS Group Dental Services and has awarded contracts. 

Interested parties may review the Evaluation Summary Report and related documents as well as non-confidential documents of Offerors Responses.


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