General Information

The Arizona State Retirement System administers its benefits and programs in accordance with applicable state and federal law, and administrative rules.

Title 29 of the Arizona State Constitution, addresses the funding, investments and membership of public retirement systems, which includes the ASRS.

For a list of legislative intiatives the ASRS anticipates pursuing in 2023, please see:

2023 Legislative Agenda

For a summary of retirement legislation passed in recent sessions, you may view:

Summary of 2022 Retirement Legislation

Summary of 2021 Retirement Legislation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there is no Summary of 2020 Retirement Legislation.

Summary of 2019 Retirement Legislation

Summary of 2018 Retirement Legislation 

Summary of 2017 Retirement Legislation 

Summary of 2016 Retirement Legislation 

For prior year Retirement Legislation summaries or other questions regarding ASRS legislation, please contact the Legisaltive Liaison at [email protected].

Legislative Updates

During on-going sessions of the Arizona State Legislature, the ASRS provides a summary of retirement-related legislation under consideration and tracks the progress of selected bills.

View the ASRS Bill Tracker

Legislative Information

For further details and information regarding current Arizona legislation of any kind, you can visit the Arizona State Legislature pages. These sites provide detailed bill summaries, committee schedules and live proceedings from the Arizona House or Senate floor.

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona Senate

Arizona House of Representatives

Defined Contribution & Retirement Study Committee

Ever wonder how a bill becomes law?

How a Bill Becomes a Law
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