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  • New Review Process to Help Employer Partners

    You may have recently received a secure message about Membership Eligibility Inconsistencies from Employer Relations.  This message and the accompanying report are part of a new, ongoing function of the Employer Relations team that should be a great benefit for our employers. 

  • Service Purchase Role Assignments

    Nearly six months ago, the ASRS moved processes online for Contributions Not Withheld (CNW), Military Call-Up, Leave of Absence and other service purchase programs.  But some employers have yet to assign necessary roles for these new processes.  That can lead to problems for your members, so please take a moment now to assign those roles.  It’s simple—here’s how!

  • New ASRS Contribution Calculator

    The Arizona State Retirement System now has a new tool on our website to help you identify the pay types that are considered compensation for retirement, as well as confirm the amounts being withheld from employees' pay.  You are able to use this tool without having to contact the ASRS to receive the correct contribution amount. It’s quick and it’s easy. 

  • "ASRS Basics for Employers" Meetings: Let Us Come To You!

    Our ASRS Basics For Employers meetings are extremely popular – in fact, February and March meeting are currently all full. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait to get the information you need. Let us come to you!

  • New Membership Rules in Effect

    While the legislative session is typically limited to the first half of the year, rulemaking is a year-round activity.  The ASRS recently adopted rules related to employee and employer membership in the ASRS.  The rules became effective February 4, 2019.

  • Last Call to Attend “Basics For Employers”

    Our annual “Basics For Employers” classes are coming to an end – there’s just one more class left being held THIS Thursday, the 8th! This seminar is good for anyone in Human Resources, Administration Personnel, Payroll, Benefits, or if you’re new to working with ASRS. 

  • ASRS to Modify Employer Payments Process in 2019

    The Arizona State Retirement System is modifying its payment process beginning January 2019.

  • Service Purchase Program Roles: An Explanation

    The ASRS has released new online functionality for the service purchase program.  The service purchase program is mainly a member-driven program; however, there are some aspects of the program that involve employers. 

  • Human Resources or ASRS?

    Sometimes, it’s hard to know whether you should be helping to answer an employee’s questions about the ASRS or their pension, or when you need to point them our way. In general, if they have questions specific to their account – such as benefit estimates or possible retirement dates – they’ll need to either contact the ASRS or log in to their secure myASRS account. If they have more general questions – what or who the ASRS is, benefits of their pension plan, etc. -  it’s good for employers to be able to have answers.

  • Deactivating Employer User Accounts

    Attention all Employer Administrators!  If an employee leaves and also has access to the ASRS portal, don’t forget to deactivate their access. 


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