Employer Admin Responsibilities

If you are the designated Employer Web Administrator for your organization, there are several responsibilities that you should be aware of.

    • Creating and maintaining Employer User accounts. Your employer website users depend on you to have access to the appropriate modules or “roles” that are necessary for them to perform their various ASRS-related functions.
    • Keeping your Employer User’s contact and demographic information current. Having outdated phone numbers and email addresses listed in a user’s account demographics can make contacting employer users unnecessarily difficult. It can also make it quite difficult for users to reset their passwords, should that be necessary.
    • Deactivate former web users. Please deactivate any employer users who leave employment or move to a position where access to the ASRS Employer Website is no longer necessary. Leaving these accounts active promotes an unnecessary security risk. We strongly discourage the sharing of ASRS Secure Website login credentials for this same reason.
    • Preventing employer users from sharing login IDs and passwords by ensuring each user has their own unique login ID and password. Sharing confidential login information creates an unnecessary security risk.
    • Create a Secondary Administrator account, if possible. Besides providing a backup if the designated administrator is out of the office for an extended period, a secondary Admin can make demographic updates for the primary administrator’s account, and vice versa. 
    • Authorize new administrator before departure. It is also highly recommended that any existing Administrator creates a new Administrator account for their replacement, should they leave employment or possibly retire from their position.

Additional information regarding the various processes available to our Employer Secure Website Administrators is available in the ASRS Employer Website Administrator Guide, on the Employer Reference Materials page.

by William Roberts, Employer Relations

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