Employee Enrollment Reminders

One of the first things all employers should do to assist their employees is to ensure that they are enrolled in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Online enrollment allows employers to review and verify three important pieces of demographic data, confirm the member’s employment, and verify that they are eligible for ASRS membership.

It is imperative that employers help guide all their new employees through this process, regardless of whether they’re new to the ASRS or have previously worked for an ASRS employer. As the ASRS employer, it is your responsibility to provide the Enrollment Code and registration instructions to all new employees who meet ASRS membership criteria.

Enrollment instructions, along with the employer’s unique enrollment code, are available under the ‘Manage Enrollments’ tab of the Employer Secure Account. Without a completed enrollment, the member may not be able to apply for a refund or retirement, add a beneficiary, access their benefit estimates, or update their demographics. Also, if they never complete their enrollment, a member’s account is more vulnerable to fraudulent activity and potentially exposed to unclaimed property laws if the member should pass away or simply forget about their account.

To help you share the importance of ASRS enrollment with new employees, share this helpful article when you provide the enrollment code and New Member Guide.

by Nichole Fuller, Employer Relations

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