Annual Reports

Popular Annual Financial Report

The Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is a reader-friendly summary of the full Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The PAFR is not intended to supplement the full CAFR; rather it is a concise summary of the financial health, investment performance and key accomplishments of the ASRS.

The PAFR has regularly received the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association.

Current PAFR:

   Popular Annual Financial Report (FY 2018)

   Popular Annual Financial Report (FY 2017)

Last Fiscal Year's PAFR:

   Popular Annual Financial Report (FY 2016)

Please contact the ASRS for earlier editions.


Actuarial Valuations

Each fiscal year, the Arizona State Retirement System has an actuarial valuation performed on its Defined Benefit, Long Term Disability and Defined Contribution System plans.

These reports are conducted by an independent audit firm presented to the ASRS Board of Trustees. Valuations reveal funding levels, determine required contribution rates and provide additional information on the position of the various plans.

   Actuarial Valuation of the Defined Benefit Plan, June 30, 2018

   Actuarial Valuation of the Long Term Disability Plan, June 30, 2018

   Actuarial Valuation of the Defined Contribution Plan (System), June 30, 2018

GASB Information

Pension reporting changes developed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)  impact the Arizona State Retirement System and its participating employers. 

Each fiscal year, the Arizona State Retirement System compiles a GASB 68 & 75 Report to assist employers in preparing their annual reports. The GASB 68 & 75 Schedule of Employer Allocations reflects the EMPLOYER portion of retirement contributions, including employer ACR retirement contributions. Below is  the latest report.

 GASB 68 & 75 OPEB Reports (as of June 30, 2018)

 2017 GASB 68 Report (as of June 30, 2017)

 2016 GASB 68 Report (as of June 30, 2016)

 To learn more about GASB as it relates to the ASRS and our employers, see GASB Information.

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