Employer Reference Materials

Employer Manual 

The Employer Manual contains basic information that will help with your day-to-day responsibilities related to ASRS membership and provide valuable background material that should help explain the complexities of the ASRS.

Employer Manual - Revised July 2016

Additional Resources

Digital Newsletters -

Employer User Guides -

 Web Based Contribution Reporting Guide - NEW! Added October 2016

 File Upload Contribution Reporting Guide - NEW! Added October 2016

Alternate Contribution Reporting Guide - Added March 2016

Online Ending Payroll Verification - Revised March 2016

 Retiree Return to Work Smart Form - Revised March 2016

 Employer Secure Messaging Guide - Revised October 2016

Secure Employer Website Administrator Guide - Revised February 2017

 Check Membership Eligibility Guide

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