Employer Reference Materials

Employer Manual 

The Employer Manual contains basic information that will help with your day-to-day responsibilities related to ASRS membership and provide valuable background material that should help explain the complexities of the ASRS.

Employer Manual - Rev. April 2022

Basics for Employers Meeting Handbook - Rev. May 2022

Employer User Guides -

 Service Verification Applications Guide

 Online Enrollment Guide  

  Web Based Contribution Reporting Guide 

 File Upload Contribution Reporting Guide 

 Alternate Contribution Reporting Guide

 Online Ending Payroll Verification

 Retiree Return to Work Smart Form 

 Employer Secure Messaging Guide    

 Secure Employer Website Administrator Guide 

 Check Membership Eligibility Guide

Additional Resources

Digital Newsletters -

Videos for ASRS Employers

The Employer Videos page contains short video tutorials intended to assist employers with various functions and responsibilities. Many are video versions of the Employer User Guides on this page.

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