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460 Report: What is it & How to Use It.

For employer-users with the “HI Premium Benefit Specialist” role, the reconciliation report (also known as HI460, or the 460 Report) is available from the Reports page of the secure myASRS employer portal on a monthly basis. The reports for the most recent three months are available for download. This report lists all retired and LTD members who have elected retired or COBRA coverage through their employer, as well as the Health Insurance Premium Benefit (HIPB) dollar amount to be applied towards each member’s monthly premiums.

Health Insurance Premium Benefit: How is it Applied?

As part of our members’ benefits, the ASRS provides a health insurance premium benefit (HIPB) to help with the cost of retiree health insurance. To be eligible for the HIPB, a retiree or Long Term Disability (LTD) recipient, must have at least five years of service and be enrolled in an ASRS health insurance plan, or a non-subsidized health insurance plan offered by an ASRS employer.

No Appointment Necessary

There is a common misconception that an appointment with an ASRS Retirement Specialist is required for employees ready to retire. While we’re happy to help guide members through the retirement process, an appointment with the ASRS is not a prerequisite for retiring. To start the retirement process, an employee just needs to submit an ASRS retirement application. Our online retirement application can be found within the myASRS portal and submitted online at any time.

Who Can I Talk To?

If you need assistance locating resources to guide you through any ASRS procedures, or additional help understanding a response you have received through the Employer Secure Messaging System, or any of the statutes and rules that govern all things ASRS, the Employer Relations team is here to help. Our Employer Quality Analysts and Senior Retirement Specialists have extensive experience in resolving even the most complex issues for our members and employers.

An Important Admin Responsibility

Occasionally we get a call or a secure message from an employer stating that they cannot access the Employer myASRS Portal. Sometimes it's because the person listed as the Employer Administrator has left and a new administrator was not assigned prior to their departure, or the new acting administrator is using the old administrator’s login.

Don't Skip the 'Employers' Tab!

We understand the convenience of having the Secure Employer Login page bookmarked and jumping straight to the secure side of our website, but if that's your typical process for interacting with AzASRS.gov, you're missing a vast amount of ASRS resources for employers!

A Review of the 2021 Employer Conference

Beginning in late August, and throughout September, ASRS employers met with the Employer Relations Team to attend the 2021 Employer Conference. Out of an abundance of caution, conferences were held virtually this year. We held 18 virtual conferences attended by 991 employer representatives.

The Importance of Getting Employees Enrolled

One of the first things all new members should do is enroll in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Once the member is enrolled and registered, they will have full access to their account, where they can easily track their retirement progress and keep their account updated.

Your Annual 'Basics' Viewing

Available online, the ASRS Basic for Employers video series and accompanying handbook are vital resources for all ASRS employers. While especially helpful for new employers, we recommend all employers review the “Basics” materials at least annually.

Common Questions: Alternate Contribution Rate

Did you know the Alternate Contribution Rate (ACR) applies to all ASRS retirees who return to work for an ASRS employer? This is true regardless of early or normal retirement status and the number of hours worked in a pay period. It also means a return-to-work retiree’s 20/20 employment status does not matter.


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