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Last Call to Attend “Basics For Employers”

Our annual “Basics For Employers” classes are coming to an end – there’s just one more class left being held THIS Thursday, the 8th! This seminar is good for anyone in Human Resources, Administration Personnel, Payroll, Benefits, or if you’re new to working with ASRS. 

ASRS to Modify Employer Payments Process in 2019

The Arizona State Retirement System is modifying its payment process beginning January 2019.

Human Resources or ASRS?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know whether you should be helping to answer an employee’s questions about the ASRS or their pension, or when you need to point them our way. In general, if they have questions specific to their account – such as benefit estimates or possible retirement dates – they’ll need to either contact the ASRS or log in to their secure myASRS account. If they have more general questions – what or who the ASRS is, benefits of their pension plan, etc. -  it’s good for employers to be able to have answers.

Deactivating Employer User Accounts

Attention all Employer Administrators!  If an employee leaves and also has access to the ASRS portal, don’t forget to deactivate their access. 

Employer Conference Roundup for 2018

The Employer Relations team just conducted another successful Employer Conference, presenting 23 on-site meetings throughout Arizona and 2 webinars. 

New PO Box

Please note; if you send payment to the ASRS via our PO Box, the address has changed. The address is now; PO Box 33910, Phoenix AZ 85067

While mail to the previous PO Box will be forwarded for a short time, please make note of the new address to ensure a smooth transition going forward.

Thank you!  

A Minor Change to your Invoice for CNW

As the ASRS releases new website functionality for employers regarding Contributions Not Withheld (CNW), you will see a minor change to the employer invoice for CNW beginning August 29, 2018.  The electronic invoice will include the initial Late Fee, which is due to the contribution payment being received more than 14 days after the member’s pay period end date.  This enhancement of the secure website enables the ASRS to implement a paperless CNW process in accordance with A.R.S. § 38-738 (B).

38-749 Termination Incentive Programs (TIP)

The ASRS employs a number of safeguards to ensure final pension payments made to members are fair and accurate.  One of the final steps in the process is a review of the contributions reported to the ASRS in the member's last ten years to ensure the correct figures were used in calculating the final benefit payment. 

New Online Functionality Begins August 29!

On August 29, the new online functionality for Service Purchase will be in place.  Although Service Purchase is primarily a member program, this affects employer Contributions Not Withheld (CNW), Military Call-up, and Leave of Absence processes.  It also includes the change from USPS mail to ASRS Secure Messages for delivery of Payroll Deduction Authorization (PDA) and Termination Pay Authorization contracts, which the ASRS sends to the employer for implementation.

Here are some important reminders:

New Employees? Get Them Enrolled!

Being that a large number of ASRS employers are schools or affiliated with school systems, this time of year often means getting some new employees. While it can be a hectic time for all, it’s important to remember to assist your new employees in getting them fully registered with the ASRS. Giving them your employer enrollment code and having them set up their online account at AzASRS.gov is the first step, but it’s important that the employee understand that they aren’t quite done. 


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