NEW: Employer Town Halls

by Genevieve McBride, Employer Relations

Please keep an eye out for targeted emails and announcements on the Employers webpage for our next outreach endeavor, branded as Employer Town Halls. Much like advisor hours in college, the Employer Relations Team will schedule some dedicated time to be available to their assigned employers. Our liaisons will invite their designated employers to join them in a Google Meet to express any concerns, ask questions and make suggestions for how we can improve our service delivery.

The Employer Town Halls will also serve as an opportunity for us to plan and produce an annual conference that better serves all of you, as we do take your feedback to heart. One of the more common comments from our last employer conference was that to receive information pertinent to them, employers often had to sit through presentations that did not pertain to them or their position. That is why we set up Basics in 2 separate sessions this year. 

In the future, we plan to produce an annual conference that recognizes that some may wear several hats in their organization while other employees may be more specialized. But we can’t do that without your input and feedback, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you again in our Employer Town Halls.

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