Enrolling Employees: Frequently Encountered Issues

One common error that frequently occurs during the enrollment process of new employees is with members who already have an existing ASRS account and need to enroll with their new employer. They often log into their account first, then attempt to complete enrollment. Note that the instructions do not advise these employees to log in first. The employee should simply click on the "First Time Registering?" link that is located at the bottom of the login screen. Logging into an existing account will bypass the enrollment process.

We are occasionally contacted by our employer partners on behalf of new employees who are unable to access their ASRS member account after registering. Employees are usually able to get as far as the step to add a beneficiary, and then they get an error message. This is because the system is not yet recognizing the employee as an active, contributing ASRS member. In order for the member to have full access to their account, two things must occur. First, you, as the employer, must verify and submit the Pending Enrollment back to ASRS. Secondly, the member's initial contributions must have been reported to ASRS and have been posted to the member's account. When these two things have happened, the employee's account will change to "Contributing" status and they will have full access to their secure ASRS account. Please keep in mind that it can take two to three weeks after a pay period has been reported to ASRS until it is actually posted to the member's account. 

Reminder: As the ASRS employer, it is your responsibility to provide the enrollment code and registration instructions to all new employees who meet ASRS membership criteria. This process provides important demographic information to the ASRS. Without a completed enrollment, the member may not be able to apply for a refund or retirement. Also, the member's account is more vulnerable to fraudulent activity and potentially exposed to unclaimed property laws if the member should pass away or simply forget about their account.

All new employees should be given a copy of the Employee Online Instructions and encouraged to enroll, regardless of previous ASRS service. The Employee Online Instructions is a PDF document that is available in the Manage Enrollments application that can be accessed by any registered ASRS Employer Website user who has the "Process Enrollments" role in their Web User Profile. Employers can also add their name and enrollment code to the first page of the New Member Guide and provide that PDF to their new employee.

Please keep the above tips in mind while assisting your new employees with the ASRS online enrollment process. If you encounter other enrollment issues, please let us know by submitting an Employer Secure Message through your secure ASRS Employer account.

by William Roberts, Employer Relations

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