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Long Term Disability Reminders

Do you have an employee who you submitted a long term disability (LTD) claim packet for, or an employee that is currently on LTD? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please note the following:

User Roles Defined & Explained

The Employer Administrator is responsible for authorizing access to the applications available on the ASRS secure employer website for registered employer users.

Contribution Reporting: How to Pay Late Charges

Each employer must certify the amount of member and employer contributions on each payroll and submit that amount to the ASRS on a due date prescribed by the ASRS Board of Trustees. (A.R.S. § 38-735)

Assisting Employees Approaching Retirement

Retirement can be an exciting yet challenging time for soon-to-be retirees. While employers play an important part after a member retires by ensuring we receive their Ending Payroll Verification form in a timely manner, you can also play an important role before an employee retires. 

Compliance & the Review Process

Each year the ASRS conducts reviews of employer accounts to ensure that our employer partners follow guidelines established in Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 38-711 through 38-794, as well as Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) Title 2 Chapter 8.

Employer Basics: Topics, Format Updates for 2023

The Employer Relations Team has started its annual planning and preparation for the ASRS Employer Basics 2023 webinars. We took lessons learned from our first live presentations in 2022 and will be offering Basics as a series of interactive webinars rather than a 3-hour-plus online workshop.

The ASRS Employer Basics webinar is essentially a walk-through of the ASRS Employer Manual. We cover topics such as membership eligibility, enrollment processing, contribution reporting, health insurance premium benefits, long term disability, and hiring retirees, just to name a few. 

Looking Back: an Employer Conference Recap

From September through the first week of October, the Employer Relations Team hosted eight virtual Employer Conferences. This year’s conference was designed much differently from previous virtual conferences in answer to feedback from the 2021 conferences. 

Avoid Unfunded Liabilities!

As we close out calendar year 2022, the ASRS wants to remind you about the importance of reporting contributions accurately and in a timely manner. The purpose of this reminder is to help our employers avoid late fees and, in some cases, the potentially expensive result of creating an unfunded liability.

Employer Admin Responsibilities

If you are the designated Employer Web Administrator for your organization, there are several responsibilities that you should be aware of.

Employee Enrollment Reminders

One of the first things all employers should do to assist their employees is to ensure that they are enrolled in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Online enrollment allows employers to review and verify three important pieces of demographic data, confirm the member’s employment, and verify that they are eligible for ASRS membership.


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