Check Member Eligibility Tool

The Check Member Eligibility Tool application was designed for two primary purposes: 

  1. To allow employers to identify ASRS retirees and easily determine for whom you may be required to submit alternate contributions, and
  2. To assist state agencies in determining who has an existing ASRS account for the state employee’s 6-month waiting period purposes. 

Each registered employer user for the ASRS secure employer website has access to the Check Member Eligibility application. To become registered, please get in touch with your ASRS Employer Administrator. If you are uncertain who your ASRS Employer Administrator is, please contact your ASRS Employer Quality Analyst.

With this tool, you can do an individual look-up by SSN and Date of Birth, or if you have multiple new employees to look up, you can download an Excel template and use this template to upload multiple SSNs and dates of birth in the format required. The file only requires the SSN in column A and the Date of Birth in column B. Once the file is created and saved as a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file on your computer, click the Browse button to find the file and begin the process. The file maximum is 40,000 lines.

Please don’t use the Check Member Eligibility tool for purposes of determining an employee’s ASRS Membership Date. Member accounts may contain unaudited data, and for those who were members prior to 1998, the membership date may be inaccurate.

Additional information regarding this tool is available in the Check Member Eligibility Guidebook in the Employer Reference Materials section of our public website, here:  https://www.azasrs.gov/sites/default/files/CheckMbrEligGuide2014.pdf

Written by William Roberts, Employer Relations

Published August 2023

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