Payroll: Correcting the PPE Date

Mistakes can happen to anyone, and entering the incorrect Pay Period Ending (PPE) date in your Contribution Reporting Summary (CSR) is one of the most common errors we receive inquiries about. Fortunately, correcting these errors is pretty simple:

    • If you have entered all of your payroll data but haven’t submitted the CSR to the ASRS, you can simply add a note in the Comments section of the report. (i.e., “PPE 05/12/2023 should be 05/05/2023”)
    • If you have entered all of your payroll data and submitted the file to the ASRS, you cannot add a note. In this case, please submit an Employer Secure Message to ASRS advising of the error. Our Contribution Accounting team will make the appropriate corrections for you.

Written by William Roberts, Employer Relations

Published May 2023

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