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If you are having trouble finding the answer to that unique scenario that seems to defy logic, you're not alone! Every day our employer relations team reviews questions from hundreds of employers. While there are a few mysteries that only our Employer Quality Analysts can solve, there are many questions whose answers are easily found in resources available on our Employer Reference Materials page. 

Each employer web user has unique Application groups assigned to them. Here is a list of the Application Groups, their description, and a quick reference to some of their more commonly used resources.

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Employer Administrator   •   Ending Payroll Verifications   •   Online Contribution Reporting   •   PDA and Term Pay Specialist   •   Online Enrollments   •   HI Premium Benefit Specialist   •   Return to Work   •   CNW and Military Call-up   •   Leave of Absence

Employer Administrator will allow the employer user to add new employer users, authorize and remove access to any available online applications, deactivate employer users, authorize and remove LTD and Executive contacts, manage employer addresses and email address domains, and view recent activity of these changes.


Ending Payroll Verifications
will display the name and social security number of employees who have requested retirement or refund from ASRS or died prior to retiring. 


Online Contribution Reporting will display the name, social security number, status, salary, contributions, service purchase deductions, employee type, member type, employee classification, and hours worked each pay period for all actively contributing employees.

The name, social security number, salary, ACR amount, employee type, and return-to-work date for return-to-work retirees will be displayed.

Bank account and routing numbers from which contributions are paid are accessible.


PDA and Term Pay Specialist will receive direct messages that include either a member's Payroll Deduction Authorization or an Authorization for Termination Payment service purchase form that has to be implemented.


Online Enrollments will display the name, date of birth, and social security number of new employees who go through the online enrollment process. The name and social security number will also be displayed for employees who have contributed but not enrolled, and who have enrolled but not yet contributed.


HI Premium Benefit Specialist is authorized to access the health insurance premium benefit report, which contains the name, social security number, and health insurance elections for certain retirees and LTD participants.


Return to Work
forms will display the name, social security number, termination date, normal or early retirement status, return to work date, and the intent of their employment.

CNW and Military Call-Up will have access to request and view the status of a CNW and/or Military Call-Up request.

Leave of Absence will display the name, social security number, and certain employment dates and require a response for members requesting to purchase an unpaid leave of absence.

Written by Aaron Bernardino, Employer Relations

Published May 2023

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