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  • New Employees? Get Them Enrolled!

    Being that a large number of ASRS employers are schools or affiliated with school systems, this time of year often means getting some new employees. While it can be a hectic time for all, it’s important to remember to assist your new employees in getting them fully registered with the ASRS. Giving them your employer enrollment code and having them set up their online account at AzASRS.gov is the first step, but it’s important that the employee understand that they aren’t quite done. 

  • Paying An Employee's Contributions: Not Okay!

    The economy is roaring along.  Jobs are plentiful, but the workers you’re looking for may not be.  Competition for workers is intensifying, and employers are looking for ways to recruit and retain their employees.  Increasing salaries is not always the answer, and for many employers it’s not even an option.  Offering additional benefits is one way employers are competing for talent.  But sometimes what seems like an innovative idea – like paying an employee’s ASRS contributions – can end up backfiring on an employer.

  • Retirement Education for your Employees

    Did you know that the ASRS can provide Member Education meetings for your employees - at your location - to help them learn about their ASRS benefits and prepare for retirement?  

    We offer three live presentations:

  • Education Opportunities for Your Employees

    With summer on the horizon, now is a great time to take advantage of the many Member Education learning opportunities. 

    Please take a moment to share the following information with your team members, especially those who may be within five years of retirement.

    The road to retirement is an exciting journey and the ASRS is here to help you at every turn. Cruise on over to our Member Education page where you can: 

  • Employer Conference: Dates & Times Announced

    It’s just about that time of year again!  Our annual Employer Conferences are just around the corner. The Conference will be held at locations throughout the state - Click Here to find a time and date most convenient for you.

  • Third Party Vendors & ASRS Member Services

    ASRS employers often host benefit fairs where employees can learn about the various benefits that may be available to them. The ASRS is often asked to participate and we’re happy to do so.  Employers who would like the ASRS to participate in such events, or come to meet with groups of employees directly, can contact Employer Relations or Member Services. 

  • Curious about the Status of Current Legislation & Rulemaking?


    The 2018 legislative session adjourned on May 4, 2018.  During this session, the legislature passed two ASRS-initiated bills that impact the agency.  

    HB2034 allows the Governor the flexibility to designate any state agency as the State Social Security Administrator, which is charged with reviewing and maintaining § 218 agreements regarding Social Security withholding for all public employers in Arizona.   

  • Coming Soon: New Employer Manual!

    The Employer Manual is getting a makeover!  The ASRS relies on its participating employer partners to provide information essential for the efficient operation of the retirement plan.  The Employer Manual is designed to support you with your day-to-day responsibilities related to ASRS membership and provide valuable background material to assist with the many processes involved, including:

  • New Website Functionality for Employers

    In the last Employer Update we notified employers that new online functionality is coming to the secure website in late August 2018.  Here are some details about the new functionality and how it will affect employer responsibilities.

    Three new application roles will be added to the secure employer website effective August 29, 2018.

    PDA and Term Pay Specialist 

  • Further Guidance on Compensation

    Recently, the ASRS emailed employers letting them know that the new administrative rule on compensation will expire mid-June (click here to read the initial notice). Employers were advised to operate as if the rule never existed and follow the previously established written guidance from the ASRS, by continuing to remit contributions on non-accountable allowances and mandatory payouts of accrued leave that are not due to termination.


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