Notice Regarding ASRS-Sponsored Meetings

The ASRS regularly conducts informational meetings for its members at our Phoenix and Tucson offices, as well as via online webinars. These meetings are conducted by ASRS staff, and calendars of our public meetings as well as our educational programs can be found on the ASRS website.


Members and employers should be aware that private companies and/or financial planners may publicize their own meetings and seminars about retirement planning and reference the ASRS and/or social security. The ASRS is not affiliated with any such individuals or organizations and is not responsible for these private solicitations. Furthermore, the ASRS strongly cautions against providing personal information to persons or organizations that you do not know.

When making decisions about your retirement - particularly about options for your ASRS pension benefits - the ASRS encourages members to attend an ASRS-sponsored member education program, make an appointment to speak with an ASRS Senior Benefit Advisor, as well as discuss your retirement plans with a trusted financial planner, financial institution and/or tax planner.


The ASRS does not solicit personal information via email or over the telephone. The ASRS does not make available mailing or telephone lists of member information to private organizations.

If you have any questions related to this matter, please contact the ASRS.

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