Changing Employers & Re-Enrolling

Even though you’re already a member and have a myASRS account, if you’ve recently changed ASRS employers, it’s important to go through the online enrollment process again with your new employer’s enrollment code.

Enrollment Code

ASRS selected a “Top Place to Work" in Arizona

The Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) has been selected as one of the Top Places to Work in Arizona! The recognition comes from Best Companies Group, a firm that examines companies’ practices, programs and benefits and surveys employees for their perspectives. Upon meeting certain criteria, a company can then be recognized as a “Top Place to Work.”

National Public Service Recognition Week – May 5-11

This week marks National Public Service Recognition Week, and the Arizona State Retirement System would like to recognize and thank all our members who have dedicated their work to serving others.

The Other Half: Your Employer's Role in the ASRS

While member contributions go a long way to funding all the benefits the ASRS provides, none of what we provide to members would be possible without contributions from our employer partners: ASRS employers contribute the same percentage as ASRS members for each member they employ!

Contributions from both you and your employer are then pooled together, invested, grown, and used to fund benefits such as a lifetime pension when you retire, Long Term Disability, and more.

The Flexibility of Your Pension

There are currently over 700 employer partners with the ASRS, which consists of a diverse group of public education, state agencies, counties, cities and towns, and more! What does this mean for you? If you leave one ASRS employer for another, your ASRS account will pick up right where you left off.

Enrollment Code

ASRS Highlighted by Top1000Funds.com

Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) the $50 billion pension fund for some 600,000 public sector employees in America’s Four Corners region, will opportunistically increase both US and international public equity exposure in line with its moderately bullish view on public equities and a new strategic asset allocation that targets 44 per cent of AUM in the asset class. The global public equity allocation is mostly passive in line with a belief in the efficient market hypothesis. However, the investment team does introduce marginal enhancements to index weights and takes advantage of trading opportunities within the tactical asset allocation in what executive director Paul Matson calls “enhanced passive”, that isn’t a fundamental approach but still seeks to add small, incremental returns where possible. The strategy has helped the fund achieve a 10-year return of 8.45 per cent, amongst the top 6 per cent of US public funds.

Supplementing Your Retirement

New goals and resolutions typically come to mind when we think of the New Year, which makes us want to establish our own resolutions. For many, saving money is one of those goals. One option available to you as an ASRS member is a supplemental savings plan offered through Nationwide Retirement Solutions. 

Our New Chief Operations Officer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Chief Operations Officer!

Our Strategic Plan

Every five years, the ASRS develops a new Strategic Plan. This plan is meant to identify key areas the agency wishes to enhance and optimize, as well as areas we’d like to monitor and maintain. Our newest plan, which began on July 1, 2023, will run until June 30, 2028.

The goal for our new strategic plan is to excel in the areas of:

Keeping Your myASRS Account Secure

When thinking about how to keep your myASRS account secure, most probably only think about having a strong password. And, while this absolutely helps, you may want to put some thought into your Login ID as well.


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