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Service Purchase: A Look at Buying Service Credit

Many members may not realize it, but while you are actively contributing to the ASRS, it is possible to buy service credit towards your retirement. Given the right circumstances, the benefits of purchasing service could mean an increase in your lifetime monthly benefit and/or qualify you for an earlier retirement date.

Survivor Benefits for Mid-Career Members

It’s not a topic anyone likes to discuss, but have you ever wondered what happens to your contributions if you pass away before you have the opportunity to retire? 

How - and Why - to Make Sure You're Enrolled with the ASRS

One of the first steps when you start working for an ASRS employer is enrolling with the ASRS... but it’s also a step that sometimes gets overlooked when new employees are being setup.

Retiring Within 6 Months?

If your retirement is on the horizon, you are probably starting to have a lot of questions about what the process is and how you will start receiving your lifetime pension from the ASRS.  In this article we’ll take a closer look at  the meeting, “Route 4: Next Exit Retirement.” This meeting is for members retiring within 6 months and is designed to help you finalize your retirement choices.

ASRS Recognized for Financial Reporting Excellence

For the 30th consecutive year, the Arizona State Retirement System has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Your Pension - Did You Know?

There are a number of other benefits included with your membership in the ASRS!

The Affect of "When?" on Your Pension

When considering retirement there are a lot of factors to think about, but did you know that the decision of when to retire affects your pension benefit? The ASRS uses the following fairly simple formula to calculate the Straight Life annuity, the highest paying retirement option to calculate your baseline monthly benefit:

How Well Do You Know Your Pension?

Pensions are not as common as they used to be, which can lead to not fully understanding what you’re a part of, how it benefits you, and how to best take advantage of the benefits available to you. To further that understanding, let’s take a look at what the Arizona State Retirement System is, and what it isn’t.

A Look at the ASRS Approach to Business

Here at your ASRS we generally agree with the adage that “What gets measured gets managed.” As a result, we measure and analyze an array of activities that fall into the following general categories: investment performance, member satisfaction, service standards & cost structure, and staff engagement, to ensure top tier performance. When there is not top tier performance – we take positive and supportive action.

ASRS Board of Trustees

The Arizona State Retirement System is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate.

The Board acts as a fiduciary of the ASRS trust fund with powers and duties outlined in state statute.


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