Route 2: Map Your Progress

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What's next on your journey?

During mid-career, as you are cruising down the road towards your future retirement, learn about the benefits and opportunities available to you right now. If you haven't started planning for your future, get a jump-start on it right now! It's never too early to chart your path and Route 2: Map Your Progress was created just for you!

Route 2 is presented in a multi-media, self-paced, interactive eLearning format that will rev up your planning and pave your way towards a successful retirement. Click the image below to get started!

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Learn about the Service Purchase and Long Term Disability programs, how to handle many life-changing events and options regarding your account, such as moving out of state or leaving your ASRS employer.

Route 2 is designed for the mid-career person. If you are within three years of retiring, check out Route 3: Destination in Sight.

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Keeping Track of the Programs You've Completed?

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Additional Retirement Savings Options

Opening a secondary but separate retirement account from your ASRS defined benefit is an effective way to help provide for a more secure retirement. Even if you only contribute a small amount now, opening such a plan early in your career will help set a more solid foundation for a well-diversified retirement portfolio.

Supplemental Savings Plans

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