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Health Insurance Supplements

Do you find the statutes regarding health insurance supplements confusing? Here is a summary of the benefits.

Reasons To Attend the Annual Employer Conference!

As an ASRS employer it is your responsibility to attend the annual ASRS Employer Conference as required by statute. The meetings are held in August and September of each year. Some of the topics covered at the conference include...

Ending Payroll Verification: Termination Date or Last Day?

You have an employee retiring, and it's tile to fill out the EPV form -- but what's the difference between Termination Date and Last Day of ASRS Membership? Read on to find out...

Is Your Contact Info Current?

In an effort to keep your myASRS Employer Account contact information updated, we are reaching out to all ASRS employers.

Please take a few minutes to check that your information is up to date

Alternate Contribution Reporting Update

Beginning mid-January 2018, employers will see a new field added to the online ACR Reporting application that will make it easier to submit interest owed if there are any delinquent ACR amounts due. Learn more now...

New Compensation Rules Effective January 1, 2018

Administrative rules can be useful tools to clarify language we find in statute.  There are new rules in the Arizona Administrative Code going into effect on January 1, 2018, that all employers should be aware of...

Termination Incentive Programs (TIPs)

The ASRS employs a number of safeguards to ensure final pension payments made to members are fair and accurate. Effective January 1, 2018, two rules that identify how A.R.S. §38-749 will be enforced will be implemented. Read on to learn more...

Retiree Open Enrollment Closes Nov 30th

by Pamela Vozza, Communications Manager

Enrolling and Registering with the ASRS

by Nathaniel Brengle, Communications Specialist

Keeping Your Data & Identity Secure

By Sara Orozco, Strategic Planning & Analysis Manager

These days, it seems like every week brings a new story about a company whose systems have been breached, resulting in a loss of personal information for millions of customers. Whether you regularly conduct your business online or not, given the amount of information shared with third parties to conduct regular business in the digital age, we are all vulnerable to a loss of our personal information or financial data.


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