Long Term Disability: An Overview

Did you know that as a contributing member of the ASRS, you have access to long term disability (LTD) should you ever need it? If you visit our Contribution Rates page and look at the breakdown of your total contribution rate, you’ll see that a tiny portion of your contributions (currently 0.19%) go towards funding the ASRS Long Term Disability Income Plan.

What is LTD?

Think of long term disability as a financial safety net should you ever become ill or injured and unable to work for a long period of time. For LTD purposes, a “long period of time” equates to more than six months.

There are stipulations and qualifications, but generally, “disability” is determined on “objective medical evidence” such as x-rays, lab tests, and medical records. You also need to be under the care of a licensed physician and unable to perform the duties of the occupation you held when you became disabled. Additionally, you must be actively contributing to the ASRS at the time of your disability.

How much of a benefit does LTD provide?

Long term disability isn’t designed to replace your entire pay – just a portion. Sixty-six and two-thirds percent, (66 2/3%) to be exact. There can be reductions to that amount, based on other income or benefits you may end up receiving while also on LTD. 

Can I receive LTD if I’m unable to work for just 2 or 3 months? 

No – this is a shorter timeframe than what is covered by long term disability. The ASRS does not offer a short term disability benefit, but some employers do. If you’re in need of short term disability, you may want to check with your Human Resources, Benefits, or Payroll department to see if it’s a benefit available to you.

How do I apply for LTD?

Contact your Human Resources, Benefits, or Payroll department and ask them for an LTD packet. The packet will contain next steps and point you in the right direction.

We understand that long term disability can feel like a confusing, difficult benefit to navigate. For additional information, we encourage you to visit our Long Term Disability web page and our LTD Overview Guide, which goes over LTD in detail. 

(Note: To help ensure the LTD program is not abused, we’ve set up an anonymous Fraud Hotline where suspected abuse can be reported: 602-240-5360)

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