Abandoned Monies

The Arizona State Retirement System maintains account information on more than a half-million individuals. Over time, contact information can become outdated and accounts can become dormant.

Arizona Revised Statute § 38-722 outlines the process for declaring accounts as abandoned monies. Such accounts revert back to the overall ASRS Trust Fund. Before that is done, however, the ASRS makes extensive attempts to locate the members, or any known beneficiaries. According to the statute, the ASRS shall make a good faith attempt to locate the apparent owner, including contacting any known beneficiary on record with the ASRS.

This process includes searching data bases for information on the member or beneficiary, mailing notices to last known addresses and posting information on this website.

Below are three lists, one for inactive members, one for deceased members, and one for members who have been issued a check that is now outdated. These lists contain names, full or partial, of individuals the ASRS has been unable to locate and who may be entitled to an ASRS benefit.

To initiate the claim process, an individual must complete the appropriate form and mail it to the ASRS. We will then research the claim against other information we have on file and make a determination on the claim.

If no claim is made within the statutory time frame, the account will be reverted to the ASRS trust. If, however, a valid claim is made at any time, even after the property has been declared abandoned, the ASRS will pay the benefits as provided by state statute.

Any information that can be provided to the ASRS on any of the individuals on these lists will be used for the purposes of locating the member or beneficiaries and disbursing any benefits.

PDF Icon Inactive Members List

PDF Icon Abandoned Monies Form - Inactive Member

PDF Icon Deceased Members List

 Survivor Benefits List

The two lists above contain names of ASRS members who are deceased and for whom the ASRS has no contact information and for surviving beneficiaries who may be entitled to benefits. If you can provide information on any name on these lists, please complete the following form:

PDF Icon Abandoned Monies Form - Survivor Benefits

This list contains the names of ASRS members who at one time have been issued a check by the ASRS that has not been cashed. If a check is not cashed within 180 days, the check is outdated and will not be honored. Members listed here may contact the ASRS for a re-issue of the check. If you are the ASRS member, or have contact information for an ASRS member on this list, please complete the following form:

The list of names has been formatted alphabetically by last name. Users may scroll through the list or user their browser’s search function to look for a specific name.
To initiate the abandoned monies claim process, complete the appropriate form.

PDF Icon   Uncashed Checks List

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