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Need Additional Assistance?

Answers to most of your questions can be found on the ASRS website or can be answered during a member education program; however, we understand every person's situation is unique. If you've already attended a Member Education meeting or webinar and still feel you need some additional assistance, our in-person or remote online counseling is available to you.

In-Person Appointments

Appointments are required for all in-person counseling sessions at our Phoenix and Tucson offices so we are better prepared to assist you.

Consider these items before calling us to make an appointment,

Making an appointment 

Remote Online Counseling

The ASRS now provides remote one-on-one counseling with a Benefit Advisor via the internet so you don't have to drive to an ASRS office. A remote online counseling session requires registration through your secure myASRS account. Instructions are provided below.

To register for your personalized online counseling session, please log into your secure myASRS account. 

myASRS Login 

How to Register

Registering for online counseling is easy. After logging into your myASRS account, select 'Member Meetings' option from the left-hand navigation links, and then 'Remote Online Counseling' button in the pop-up window.

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