the tough questions about retirement

Answering the tough questions!

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Having answers to the following questions will help ensure your meeting is as productive as possible.

When do you plan to retire?

Know your expected retirement date before coming in, even if there are a few date options you’re considering. Check your early and normal retirement date eligibility by logging in to your MyASRS account. You can choose your own retirement date, but there are some criteria to consider before making that final decision.

Retirement Eligibility

Do you plan to work after retirement?

You can always work after retirement. If you want to keep your pension coming AND work for an ASRS employer at the same time, however, you need to follow the rules and statutes in place.

Working after retirement

Do you have a beneficiary, or someone you would like to leave money to?

You need to name your beneficiaries as early as possible. Verifying the information is up to date on a regular basis will ensure that they are notified in a timely manner should the need arise. If you don’t have a beneficiary on account at the time of your death, our statutes require we follow an order of priority.

Choosing Beneficiaries

Have you verified your beneficiaries online recently?

You can name your own beneficiary(ies). If you don't name them before your death, our statutes provide for an order of priority.

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What will be your monthly costs after retirement that your pension and social security and personal savings/investments need to cover?

Make sure you can afford to retire. Calculate your monthly bills and necessary discretionary income so you can know how much you need in retirement from ASRS plus Social Security plus other retirement and savings accounts you have.

Supplement your retirement

Are you aware of the costs/choices for retiree Health and Dental insurance, through ASRS and your employer (if applicable)?

We know you have insurance choices. If you take the ASRS retiree insurance, you can check this handy graphic to show the costs of ASRS health care and taxes after retirement.

Can you afford to retire?

Have you used any of the online myASRS pension estimators or calculators?

You can review your normal retirement eligibility, customize your estimates based on your own timeline, and get a full picture of your retirement benefits by logging into your secure MyASRS account.

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Are you planning on taking a Partial Lump Sum?

A Partial Lump Sum (PLS) is a lump sum advance on your retirement in exchange for a lower lifetime monthly benefit. Find out more in the Guidebook, and then calculate your own PLS options in the Apply Now > Retire link in your myASRS account.

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Have you attended a group meeting or webinar?

Members who attended our one-and-a-half-hour group meetings report that they are better prepared for the next phase of their life. Route 3: Destination in Sight is your stop on the Road to Retirement when you’re about 3 years away. Then Route 4: Next Exit – Retirement! Is your stop when you’re within 6 months. Scheduling your meeting through your secure MyASRS account is quick and easy.

Member Education

Have you visited the Retirement Central tab on our website?

This page is designed to help ensure that you have the map and important information to navigate your Road to Retirement. You can get a lot information here as well as through your secure MyASRS account. There is so much to consider before making the decision to retire that the ASRS is here to help you!

Retirement Central

Have you talked to all of the entities you need to about your upcoming retirement? (Employer/ASRS/ Social Security/Medicare)

Communicate your retirement plans with your employer, generally through the Human Resources department. They will handle all the details around separation from work.

Separately, file the application for retirement with the ASRS. You must file with ASRS to receive benefits from ASRS. If you have questions about that application we are available on the phone, through your secure account, and in person.

Social Security has their own rules on when you can collect benefits, completely separate from the ASRS. Don’t forget about Medicare and the insurance options offered there. You may have reached eligibility and need to sign up for benefits you haven’t been using while employed. They have online resources you can visit to get these benefits started as well.

Any other sources of income you have set aside for retirement should be factored into your decision ahead of time.

This is YOUR retirement. Take charge of it and get informed!

Thanks for making your appointment! Be sure to read all the instructions and helpful hints on the Appointments Prep page, and download this checklist.

Printable version: PDF IconOne on One Checklist

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