ASRS Statement on Silicon Valley Bank/Signature Bank Issues

The Arizona State Retirement System is providing the following information with regard to the receivership of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank as they relate to the ASRS investment portfolio.

The ASRS had relatively small index-like investments in shares of SVB Financial Group (the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank) and Signature Bank.

ASRS recognized for Financial Reporting and Plan Funding & Administration

The Arizona State Retirement System recently received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Presented by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA), it recognizes “achievement in the highest standards” for government accounting and financial reporting. It is the 32nd consecutive year the ASRS has received this prestigious recognition.

ASRS to Issue Permanent Benefit Increases to Qualified Retirees

The Arizona State Retirement System Board of Trustees announced Friday, November 12, 2021, that qualified retirees will receive a Permanent Benefit Increase (PBI) to their monthly annuities, beginning with their July 2022 benefits check.

Working After Retirement

Retirement doesn’t always mean not working. And returning to work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pause receiving your pension – you just need to be aware of the rules regarding your ASRS pension benefit and returning to work.

Getting the Most From Your MyASRS Secure Account

Your secure myASRS account is an important tool both before and after retirement. After you retire, it’s important to stay active in your account; here is a brief overview of all the capabilities you have within your myASRS account as a retiree.

ASRS Selects New Chief Investment Officer, Michael C Viteri

The Arizona State Retirement System is pleased to announce Michael C. Viteri as our new Chief Investment Officer.

Mr. Viteri most recently served as Senior Investment Officer for the Oregon State Treasury, which manages investment portfolios for various Oregon state agencies with a combined market value of $124 billion, including the $89 billion Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund.

The Pension Benefit Formula

Have you ever wondered how we calculate pension benefits? There is sometimes the mistaken belief that it may have something to do with your account balance, when in fact it's all about salary and how many years you work.

Director Matson featured in Canadian investment magazine

ASRS Executive Director Paul Matson was recently featured in Benefits Canada, a leading multi-media platform covering the pensions, benefits and investment industry in Canada.

Paul, a native of Canada, held various investment positions in Canada prior to joining the ASRS in 1995.

See: Canada’s lasting influence on Arizona’s public sector pension investor

Educational Webinars

Join one of our live, online retirement webinars to help get some answers. In our "Road To Retirement" educational series, “Route 3” and “Route 4” focus on those nearing retirement.

Route 3 is designed for those within 3 years of retiring. It helps you learn about your pension benefit, annuity options, and helps answer the question, "Can I afford to retire?"

New Information on ASRS supplemental savings plans

Supplemental savings plans offered through the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) can be a helpful way for employees to invest tax-deferred money today to bolster their retirement income down the road.

To enhance access to these plans, simplify administration, ensure continued professional oversight and low administrative and investment costs, the Arizona legislature passed and Governor Ducey signed into law Senate Bill 1348. This new law has two parts to it as follows:


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