Educational Webinars

Join one of our live, online retirement webinars to help get some answers. In our "Road To Retirement" educational series, “Route 3” and “Route 4” focus on those nearing retirement.

Route 3 is designed for those within 3 years of retiring. It helps you learn about your pension benefit, annuity options, and helps answer the question, "Can I afford to retire?"

Route 4 is aimed at those within 6 months of retirement. It touches on annuity options while also covering health insurance options, how to retire, and return-to-work rules. Additionally, Route 4 live webinar participants receive a customized benefit estimate.

For dates and times that each webinar is offered, visit our Member Education page of AzASRS.gov. Please note that webinars do fill up fast this time of year, and do require registration via your myASRS account!

Retirement Central

The Retirement Central page at AzASRS.gov is our primary place to learn about all things retirement. Read about our different retirement annuity options, download a helpful retirement checklist, learn how pension benefits are calculated, and more.

Visit Retirement Central >>

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