Nearing the Retirement Finish Line?

If your retirement is on the horizon, you are probably starting to have many questions about the process and how you will start receiving your lifetime pension from the ASRS. To help answer those questions, the ASRS offers a four-part “Road to Retirement” member education series, consisting of eLearnings and meetings. In the last few issues of Futures, we’ve taken a look at Routes 1, 2, and 3 in the series.  This time, we’ll take a closer look at the final meeting in the series, “Route 4: Next Exit Retirement.” This webinar is for members retiring within six months and designed to help you finalize your retirement choices. 

Route 4 provides you with essential information as you approach your retirement, including the significance of your credited service and your average monthly salary as an active member, as well as the seven different annuity options available to you (and how each one will determine the amount of your lifetime benefit and the survivor benefit for your beneficiaries). We even illustrate our entire application process so you will understand when to apply, how to apply online, and when to expect your initial pension payments. You’ll learn what to expect both leading up to your retirement and after. Finally, this meeting also includes a personalized benefit estimate generated just for you, so you can get a good idea of what your monthly pension may be. 

Note: while Route 4 webinars touch briefly on health insurance, it does not address the finer points of ASRS health insurance. To learn more about the specifics of our plans, please attend a “Know Your Insurance” webinar.

As a reminder, while in-person meetings continue to be suspended, we do offer Route 4 as an interactive online webinar in addition to a pre-recorded video on our Member Videos page. The benefit of the pre-recorded video is that you can watch and re-watch it anytime. The value to attending an online webinar is that you can ask questions in a chat box during the meeting and have them answered by a Retirement Specialist then and there, in addition to receiving your personal benefit estimate via secure message before the webinar.  

Webinars are typically scheduled two months out, and registration is required through your secure myASRS account. After logging in, select the “Communication & Education” dropdown from the left-hand navigation and follow the prompts to register.  

To prepare for your Route 4 meeting, we recommend that you attend a “Route 3: Destination in Sight” meeting. The Route 3 meeting lays the groundwork for Route 4. For more information on our Route 3 meeting, visit our dedicated page explaining more about it, or read our overview from April’s edition of Futures. 

Members that attend our webinars rave about how fun, informative, and invaluable they are. Attend a Route 4 webinar when your retirement is within six months and avoid the stress that retiring can bring. You’ll be at ease knowing what to do to start enjoying your retirement with your new lifetime pension!

Ready to continue your journey? See the list of upcoming Route 4 webinar dates, or launch the pre-recorded video version!

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