Learning About Your Benefits: Route 1

Bicycle imageAs an ASRS member, there sure is a lot for you to know about your benefits and account. The ASRS Member Education team has created a “Road to Retirement” series to help you through each milestone of planning your future as you navigate your career. The series provides you all you need to know in a fun, straightforward manner! There are four distinct “Routes” for you to follow on your journey, ensuring you have the information you need when you need it. 

The first in this series is Route 1: Your Journey Begins. This self-paced eLearning is especially beneficial to new members, but any member can take it and get something out of it. In the eLearning, you will learn about the many benefits you have that extend beyond your primary pension plan, as well as the importance of setting up and periodically reviewing your secure myASRS account. 

Route 1, along with links to all of our Member Education "Routes", plus dates and times for our live streaming webinars, are available 24/7 on the ASRS website

The Route 1 eLearning has four menu topics for you to learn about: Contributions, Your Pension, Beneficiaries, and Website & Secure Account. 

In the “Contributions” section, you will learn about the contributions withheld from your pay, how much is taken out, employer matching, and more. 

In the “Your Pension” section, you will learn about your monthly pension payment for the rest of your life upon retirement, how that pension is calculated, and what your criteria are for reaching “normal retirement.”

In the “Beneficiaries” section, you will learn about survivor benefits (who will receive your benefits after you pass away), who/what your beneficiaries can be, and how to update and change them. 

Finally, in the “Website & Secure Account” section, you will learn about the AzASRS.gov website and your myASRS secure account, including registering for an account and an overview of all the important things you can do in your account once created. 

>> View the Route 1 eLearning

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 by Benjamin Robinson, Strategic Communications

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