Information for New Members

What can you do when you’ve hired new employees, and they have questions about ASRS and all that is involved with being a member? Provide a printed or digital copy of our New Member Guide! You can find the New Member Guide on the New Employee Information page, located in the Employers tab. Here you will find a link to our New Member Guide, which can be viewed and printed or provided to members digitally.

Providing this guide to new employees helps them properly enroll in their myASRS accounts, gives them a foundational understanding of who the ASRS is, and explains the primary benefits of their membership.

This 8-page guide replaces our previous set of handouts for new employees - if you have printed or saved copies of the previous handouts, please discard and replace them with our New Member Guide. 

You can also point employees to our newly redesigned New and Prospective Members page. This page is designed to coordinate with the New Member Guide and provides additional links and information on related topics. 

by Valerie Melton, Employer Relations

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