"Can I Control How My Contributions Are Invested?"

We receive plenty of questions pertaining to ASRS contributions. Most of these questions center on members' desires to manage how their contributions are invested or wanting to contribute a different amount – whether less or more. Unfortunately, the ASRS is unable to accommodate any of these requests.

Part of being a member of a Defined Benefit Plan, such as the ASRS, means mandatory participation for anyone meeting membership criteria. All members pay the same contribution rate, and everyone's contributions are invested by our internal team of investment professionals. Contributions from all members and employers are pooled together so they can be invested and grown to fund member benefits such as long term disability and retiree pension benefits.

For those wanting to put additional money aside for retirement and desire a plan in which they can decide how funds are managed, there are supplemental savings plans available to all ASRS members.  We encourage you to visit our Supplement Your Retirement page, where you'll find an overview of available plans administered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions and overseen by the ASRS. 

If you're interested in learning more about how your ASRS plan differs from other types of retirement savings accounts, you can visit our Retirement Plans Comparison page. If you'd like to learn more about ASRS investments, visit our Investments section of the website.

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