Retiree Miscellaneous Information

For ASRS Retirees Living Abroad

ASRS retirees or beneficiaries receiving a monthly benefit who reside outside of the United States, please note:

  • The ASRS cannot make direct deposits of benefits to foreign bank accounts.
  • The ASRS must have on file the address where you are living, and, if possible, a valid email address. This applies even if your benefit is being deposited directly into a U.S. bank or financial institution.
  • Members and retirees should notify the ASRS of an address change via the ASRS website. To do this, visit the ASRS website at www.azasrs.gov and look for the MyASRS Login icon. If you have previously registered, you may log in to your secure area and select “Update Primary Mailing Address”. If you have not logged in previously, you can create your secure log in with a few simple steps.
  • If you permanently move back to the United States, it is important that you notify the ASRS upon your return.
  • U.S. citizens living abroad cannot elect to have no federal withholdings on IRS Form W-4P, unless they can provide a home address located in the U.S. or one of its possessions. Contact the IRS for tax information.

Reporting a Death

To report the death of a member, contact the ASRS by email, phone, or in writing.

Once the ASRS has been notified, a packet will be sent to the primary beneficiary(ies) on file.

Please note that before the ASRS can process a Survivor Benefit payment, the following documents must be received:

  • A certified death certificate.
  • A copy of the beneficiary's Social Security card.
  • A notarized ASRS application to claim survivor benefits.
  • If the beneficiary is an estate or trust, a copy of the court appointed personal representative, a copy of the trust and a completed W-9 tax form.
  • For more information, view the Survivor Benefits page.
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