The Arizona State Retirement System is a state agency and follows state policies on website accessibility, privacy and security as specified by the Arizona Department of Administration – Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology Office. You can view the policies here:


In addition, the ASRS has a specific policy on use of our website, both the public website and the ASRS secure website, where members and employers may access their personal information in a secure, password protected environment. There is also a separate policy related to the ASRS’ use of social media, such as Facebook.

ASRS Website Policy

General Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and updated promptly when appropriate. If any information should conflict with the law, statutes, rules, or plan language, then the law, statutes, rules, or plan language must take precedence.

Digital Media and Copyright

All external communications of the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) are created for the sole purposes of educating its members and informing its constituents and are the property of the ASRS subject to all copyright protections therein implied. ASRS external communications include but are not limited to: public website, print and digital publications, videos, presentation materials, animations, original social media platform content, marketing collateral materials, and signage. 

DIGITAL MEDIA POLICIES: Social Media Policy; Copyright Infringement Policy, and Public Photo Usage Policy

Public Information

The Arizona State Retirement System, as a state agency, periodically receives public record requests for information on members and retirees.

It is important for ASRS members to understand that the ASRS complies with public record law pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes § 39-121, et seq., which means that the agency may be required to disclose certain information in response to public record requests.

Legislation passed in the 2013 Legislative session also now governs ASRS member records and release of information. This new state statute is effective on the general effective date, retroactive to July 1, 2013.

Member Identity Protection, as outlined in SB 1170 (Laws 2013, Chapter 110)

Prohibits inspection of member information in order to protect a member’s identity from fraud, abuse, theft or civil or criminal activity, except for:

  • The member’s name
  • Membership status (active, inactive, retired)
  • Current or most recent employer
  • Average monthly compensation used to calculate a retirement benefit
  • Credited service on account for an active or inactive member, or the credited service used to calculate a retired member’s benefit
  • Gross pension amount actually paid to a retired member
  • Most recent retirement date
  • Current account balance for an active or inactive member
  • Gross LTD program benefit actually paid to a disabled member
  • Amount paid to purchase service
  • Amount of service purchased

Specifically prohibited from inspection are any unredacted records containing a member’s Social Security number, bank account information, address, telephone number, e-mail address, medical records, health insurance information, beneficiary or survivor information, disability information or any information that is protected by any federal or state law not described above.

The ASRS has never disclosed personal identifiable information such as Social Security information and banking information, which is protected by law unless in response to a warrant, subpoena or other court order.

The ASRS does not sell or provide member information that can be used in commercial solicitations.

Contact Information

Questions related to policies and procedures related to the website, social media or public records may be directed to:

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