Online Health Insurance Enrollment

Secure Online Enrollment is here!

The online health insurance application allows you to:

  • Add or remove a dependent
  • Enroll for the first time in an ASRS medical/dental plan
  • Make changes to your current coverage
  • Cancel your current coverage

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No more confusing paper applications

Instead of filling out the paper enrollment form, you are able to enroll for insurance coverage using an easy, intuitive and instructive online application in our secure website. It is fast and easy!

All changes in one place

The online health insurance application is accessible from your secure myASRS account and will allow you to view your current ASRS medical and dental insurance elections, as well as make changes, add dependents, enroll in a new plan or terminate coverage. All with a few simple clicks!

Estimates Net Premium

The online enrollment process is an EASIER WAY TO ENROLL for ASRS coverage because you can estimate net costs (premium minus eligible premium benefit offsets) and you can submit the enrollment automatically to the medical and/or dental vendor without delay.

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Enrolling in a Plan

To enroll in one of these medical and/or dental plans, you must experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). Review the ASRS-recognized QLE's here. If you meet one of those QLE's, click the button to log in to your myASRS account to enroll now.

Qualifying Life Events

Before enrolling, review all the medical and dental plans in detail on our website.

Medical and Dental Heathcare Plans

If you are currently a retiree or disabled member covered by ASRS, ADOA or another ASRS employer's insurance, you can view those elections in your myASRS account by selecting 'Medical/Dental Insurance Details' under the Your Account section in the navigation pane.

Online Enrollment icon Online Enrollment is Here!

We've made enrolling in a medical and/or dental plan faster, easier and more accurate than ever with our Online Enrollment Process. Just log into your myASRS account to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I get my medical coverage somewhere else. Can I still enroll in dental only through the ASRS?

Yes, you are eligible to enroll in ASRS Dental insurance even if you do not enroll in ASRS Medical insurance..

What will happen if I don’t submit my enrollment when I retire?

If you decline to submit your completed enrollment within the 31 day grace period, you will not have health care coverage with the ASRS. You are eligible to enroll in ASRS health insurance if you have a qualifying event, such as retirement, or during our annual Open Enrollment.

I’m continuing my insurance through my Participating Employer. What do I need to do?

Verify your eligibility for continued coverage timeframes and any forms to be completed with them.

When I retire should I enroll in my employer’s COBRA coverage?

You will need to figure out which plan best fits your needs. COBRA is a federal law that allows former employees to continue their employer’s coverage up to 18 months. Compare your employer’s coverage and cost with the ASRS retiree health care plans.

What do I need to do when my COBRA coverage ends?

You will need to research your health insurance options. If you want ASRS retiree health insurance, you must complete the online enrollment and provide a letter from your former employer or COBRA administrator showing the date your COBRA coverage ends. There is no retroactive coverage for health insurance so remember to begin your enrollment process before your employer’s COBRA coverage ends.

What should I tell my dependent beneficiary to do about my ASRS health insurance coverage in the event of my death?

Continuation of or enrollment in an ASRS retiree health care plan by your beneficiary must be decided within six (6) months of your death. Also, if you elected a reduced premium benefit, your beneficiary may be entitled to a continuation of that benefit. Your beneficiary will need to provide certified copies of your death certificate to affect any change in your pension or health insurance benefits.

After I submit my online applications for retirement and health insurance enrollment, when will the deductions start for the healthcare coverage?

Processing your retirement takes 45-90 days, so it will be a couple of months before the pension check deduction starts. During that time you will receive a direct bill. Plan accordingly.

What do I need to do if I decide to change my retirement date or go back to work?

If you change your retirement date or go back to work after your ASRS health insurance enrollment has already processed, UnitedHealthcare can't retroactively disenroll you (Medicare in particular), so you are responsible for the premium.

What do I need to do to cancel my ASRS health care coverage?

You may cancel your current insurance(s) online. Find the Enrollment link in your myASRS account on the ASRS website. It’s in the APPLY NOW section under MEDICAL/DENTAL INSURANCE and follow the instructions. Your cancellation must be received by the ASRS prior to the first day of the month your cancellation is to become effective. If you do not notify ASRS you will be responsible for your monthly premium until ASRS receives your cancellation. To dis-enroll from the ASRS Medicare plans, you must submit a disenrollment letter signed and dated by all Medicare enrolled members.
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