Asset Allocation

The ASRS manages a well-diversified portfolio that is designed to produce steady returns over a long period of time. This institutional investment approach relies primarily on an asset allocation strategy that does not radically change due to market conditions but is analyzed regularly to take advantage of market and economic conditions.

The current broad asset allocation is as follows:

Equity/Stocks: 58%

    • U.S. Equity: 26%
    • Non-US Equity: 24%
    • Private Equity: 8%

 Fixed Income: 25%

  • Private Debt: 12%
  • Core Bonds: 11%
  • High Yield: 2%

Inflation Linked Assets: 12%

        • Real Estate: 10%
        • Commodities: 2%


Multi-Assets Class Strategies: 5%

For more details on Asset Allocation, view

 Asset Allocation Policy Schematic

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