The Value of Your Membership

As a member of the ASRS, it’s important to understand the full value of your membership and the benefits available to you both now and in the future.

This includes:

      • Pension payments that will last for your lifetime
      • Beneficiary benefits – Pension payments can last for the life of your beneficiary should you choose to take an adjusted pension
      • Long term disability, available to our active employees
      • Optional supplemental savings plans, available to our active members
      • Survivor benefits, payable to your beneficiary upon your passing, available to our active, inactive, and retired members
      • Flexibility – Members can move between ASRS employers, revoke membership and withdraw contributions, leave and roll contributions to another retirement plan, or leave money on account with the ASRS to grow and receive a future pension

These are just a portion of the benefits offered through the ASRS. To learn more, see ‘The Value of Your Membership’ below for an overview of important benefits available to members. 

The Value of Your Membership

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