Keeping Your myASRS Account Secure

When thinking about how to keep your myASRS account secure, most probably only think about having a strong password. And, while this absolutely helps, you may want to put some thought into your Login ID as well.

Your login credentials help keep your account secure and it is important to consider that you may have a Login ID similar to another member. Because the system does allow both capital and lowercase letters, there can be multiple Login IDs with the same spelling but affiliated with different accounts. For instance, while John Doe may have the Login ID of “JDoe,” Jane Doe may also have “jdoe.” This can result in accidental login attempts to the wrong account if a member forgets if or where they have capital letters in their Login ID. If this does happen, the other member will be notified of the failed login attempt, which can result in them worrying that their account is at risk.

To avoid any accidental login attempts from others who may have a Login ID similar to yours, it’s beneficial to create a unique Login ID, especially if you have a common name. If you feel that you would like to update your Login ID, you can do this at any time! Simply log into your myASRS secure account, and located towards the bottom of your drop-down menu, you will see “Your Profile,” and directly under it will be a link labeled “Edit Profile/Email.” Once there, you can update your login ID, then all you will need to do is input your password, and your Login ID will be updated once you hit save!

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