Additional Benefits

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Additional Benefits

As an ASRS retiree, you have access to additional benefits at no cost to you. These programs are designed to help save you money. There is no need to enroll in any of the ASRS health insurance plans to be eligible.


Every penny saved helps now that you’re retired, so take advantage of this no-cost discount card for health care related services, prescriptions and products. Not only is it free, but it is also available to anyone in your household. This isn’t insurance, but a discount program available for times when insurance doesn’t pay for a service or prescription.

Registration is simple!

1. Go to wellcardhealth.com

2. Enter group #: ASRSH

3. Complete the registration page

4. Start saving!

Perks Connect

This program is designed to help you save money on travel, dining, entertainment and shopping. Registration is easy and a few clicks away:

1. Go to azretirees.perksconnection.com

2. In the upper right corner click "Activate your account now."

3. Start Saving!

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